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Why should I even hire a Irvine DUI Lawyer?
Our legal system is set, so that you are “guilty until proven innocent” regardless of what our Constitution states, that is the way it works. You are guaranteeing your worst case scenario by not contacting and hiring an attorney to fight for you, because the prosecution has no intention of doing you any favors. DUI is an intricate field of law, coupled with a lot of politics – you need to have a professional on your side to protect your rights – one of which is the right to an attorney – don’t make the mistake of going at this alone. Penalties from a conviction of DUI can be severe, and may have cause you trouble’s, financial & otherwise, for years to come. Those may include the following: jail time to serve, fines (financial restitution), your driving privileges (possible revocation, suspension or restriction) & penalties with the DMV, an order to attend drug & alcohol abuse classes at your expense, and the possibility of other penalties or fines imposed by the court. Another area to have concern about is your insurance premium costs, they too will be measured on your conviction of a DUI in the state of California, and they have a possibility of causing as much hardship on you as your financial burden imposed by the court.

When you are arrested in the state of California for a DUI, there are two actions that are taking place: 1. A Criminal Action – you will need to defend yourself in a court of law against the charges filed against you. And 2. A civil action by the DMV – the DMV will take immediate steps to automatically suspend your driving privileges in the state of California. In either actions, you will need an experienced team behind you to protect you against them. The right attorney will immediately review your arrest to make sure there is not cause to have it thrown out all together, but is at the ready to defend you in a court of law as well. All cases and arrests are different, with there own individual circumstances – and every outcome is unique. The only surety you have is to have the finest legal team available on your side to assure you the absolute best outcome possible resulting from your arrest. Thank you for visiting our post about Dui Attorney Irvine.

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