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DUI Attorney Costa Mesa

DUI Attorney Costa Mesa

Thousands of people across the US will be arrested for a DUI sometime in the near future.  This can be a harrowing time and having a DUI attorney in Costa Mesa is very important.  You don’t want to go through the processes that are ahead of you alone, you need a DUI defense attorney in Costa Mesa to defend you.  There are a lot of legalities that you will have to face.  Why face them alone?

What Can DUI Defense in Costa Mesa Will Do

Getting a good DUI defense attorney in Costa Mesa is important.  When you hire a lawyer that knows the DUI laws you stand a better chance of beating the charges.  If it is impossible to beat the charges, you may be able to get reduced fines and other penalties.  The states, including California, are really getting harsh with DUIs.  They no longer have patience with people driving under the influence.  Facing court alone can be very stressful.  You may not know all the laws and what you can do to get a better deal.  A Costa Mesa DUI attorney knows exactly what has to be done.  Your DUI defense will be determined by your lawyer.

DUI Charges You Could Face

You may not drive under the influence very often, but it only takes one time to get caught.  First time DUIs will lose their license and have to go to classes for drunk driving.  There will be fines and you will probably have to do community service.

When you are caught a second time there will be a certain amount of jail time.  You could face a year in jail for driving under the influence.  You could be forced to have a device put on your car which can make it impossible to drive if you have had a drink.  There will be large fines and penalties you will have to pay.  Driving under the influence doesn’t pay.  A DUI lawyer in Costa Mesa California can help you out.

Does It Pay to Hire a DUI Attorney?

There is no getting around the fact that you will have to pay for an attorney to represent you during your court pretrial and trial.  He can be your best friend throughout the process of getting ready for court.  He will be there to file all motions to get you off or to reduce the fines and charges.  He can save you from going to jail and save you on fines.  It will pay off to have the proper DUI defense attorney in Costa Mesa representing you.  You don’t want to have to go through the process alone.  By having an experienced DUI attorney you don’t have to go it alone.  Does it pay?  Yes it will pay off to have an attorney in your corner. Contact our DUI attorney Orange County office and schedule a no cost consultation to discuss your case.

A DUI attorney who specializes in DUIs knows everything about the laws of your state.  Every state is different but the attorneys that practice there will know how to defend you.  He can help you to decide what your next step should be.  He will advise you as to whether you should plead guilty.  Remember that the arresting officer will be there and he will have proof of intoxication.  He will have a breathalyzer result that will show how drunk you were.  Your lawyer can help you.  He will try to get your fines and penalties lessened.  Perhaps he will be able to save you going to jail.

When you get a DUI you will have a harder time getting a job.  This is especially true if there is any driving involved.  You will have trouble getting insurance of all types.  This includes auto insurance, medical insurance and life insurance.  You have a lot to lose when you drive drunk.  It is best to have a designated driver or to take a cab.  It will be much cheaper than having to face a DUI.

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