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Do you need a Dui Attorney in Anaheim for a DUI arrest?

Are you booked at the Anaheim Jail for DUI? Or ~ are you searching for a family member, or friend who has been booked into Anaheim Jail and has been arrested for a DUI in the City of Anaheim?
We understand the complexities involved with a DUI in the city of Anaheim,  and can create a strategy and represent you before the Orange County Criminal Courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles ~ YOU HAVE A 10 DAY DMV DEADLINE FOR YOUR ATTORNEY TO CONTACT DMV TO STOP THE LICENSE SUSPENSION ~

DUI Attorney Anaheim

If you are arrested for DUI (Drunk Driving) in the state of California, you will be prosecuted by either the City Attorney / District Attorney and you will also face consequences relating to your California Driver’s License through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each agency handles their criminal matters differently. You will need an attorney who is familiar with DUI arrests in the City of Anaheim, and how to assist you in resolving both of these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on whether or not you were arrested for a first offense DUI, a second offense DUI, third offense DUI or fourth offense DUI or more will determine possible outcomes for your case.   The various terms and conditions of probation can be jail time, SR-22, California State approved alcohol programs from three months to thirty months, loss of license, AA meetings, restitution fine, community service, rehabilitation programs, alcohol monitoring bracelet to mention a few of the terms and conditions a court could impose

If you were arrested for an Anaheim DUI then the Orange County District attorney will be prosecuting your case

Anaheim DUI Attorneys

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A DUI has serious consequences that may affect your driving privileges, insurance rates, employment and credit.
In the event there is property damage or personal injuries associated with your DUI arrest in Anaheim and/or criminal charge, we can further assist you in resolving such matters as well. Our Law Firm can represent you in DUI defenses as well other related criminal matters, including DUI with property and/or personal injuries. Whether you have a drunk driving or drug driving matter, felony or misdemeanor – our Criminal Defense Attorneys can defend your specific case.

Anaheim DUI Attorneys

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