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DUI Attorney Garden Grove

If any individual has been arrested for DUI in Garden Grove, It is very important that you simply contact a skilled Garden Grove DUI attorney that will help you along with your case. A skilled Garden Grove DUI defense attorney will evaluate your case and immediately start your defense. The various terms prerequisites of probation can also be jail time, SR-22, loss of license. You have been arrested for a DUI in Garden Grove you need to speak with a Orange County DUI defense attorney to go over your case with you. Contact us immediately and find out how our lawyers can help.

In case you are arrested for DUI under the influence of alcohol driving within the state of California, you’ll be prosecuted through either the city legal professional/District legal professional and you’ll also face consequences relating to your California driving license through the department of Motor vehicles. You’ll need an attorney who is conversant in DUI arrests in the city of Garden Grove, and the way to assist you in resolving the problems as quickly and successfully as possible. A reliable Garden Grove DUI attorney will aggressively combat to attenuate those penalties and protect your rights. A Garden Grove DUI conviction can result in serious outcomes including prison time, mandatory enrollment in an alcohol program, license suspension, fines and probation and loss of vehicle. Call our firm today and find out about us and the cases we handle. Our firm specializes in helping individuals that were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Orange County California.

Factors to consider prior to hiring a Garden Grove DUI attorney:

  • A professional and capable Garden Grove DUI legal professional should be in place to suppose on his or her feet. He or She should be able to handle your case immediately and defense you against the penalties. His or Her aim is to protect your rights and minimize subsequent penalties.
  • The Garden Grove DUI attorney must have right understanding of DUI laws and regulations.
  • The Garden Grove DUI attorney should be affordable to assist you to obtain legal illustration during urgent DUI arrests. This additionally makes easy for you to retain that lawyer for purposes of continuous illustration in identical issues.
  • The Garden Grove DUI attorney must have the criteria of administering DUI assessments in order to protect your driving privileges to prevent unfair arrests and ensure that your case is heard on time in a court.

So it is important that you in contact of right Garden Grove defense attorney who provides complete representation to ensure you obtain the best legal illustration possible at the right time.

Garden Grove DMV Process:

In Garden Grove, there are two license suspensions as a result of a driving under influence arrest. First is the license suspension. License suspension is caused by means of an arrest for DUI. And second suspension results from DUI conviction in court. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is in charge of enforcing either one or both suspensions. When anyone arrested for DUI in Garden Grove , the arresting officer generally will confiscate driving license and provides a pink piece of paper. That means should take no action following the arrest, and serves as driving license for 30 days temporally. So the person’s driving license will then automatically get suspended for 30 days from the arrest date. However the person do have a right to fight this license suspension. For this he or she make an request to Administrative Per Se(APS) within ten days from the date of arrest. If the person in the contact of Garden Grove legal professional then that legal professional will request this hearing on the behalf of that person or individual. Garden Grove DUI defense legal professional will even request person’s discovery and place a stay on pending driver’s license suspension.

DUI consequences are as follows:

  • License Suspension
  • Jail
  • Fine
  • Community Work Program
  • Court Probation
  • Criminal Conviction
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
  • House Arrest or Alcohol Monitoring
  • DUI Programs such as DUI Court

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