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DUI Attorney Irvine CA

We are the experienced dui attorney Irvine law office you want on your side when facing criminal DUI charges in Orange County CA. Getting a DUI in Irvine is a serious matter and should be dealt with by a DUI lawyer that has handled numerous cases. Getting arrested for misdemeanor or felony DUI in Irvine is a tough thing to deal with emotionally and financially. It is important to get all the information you need to know when going forward. First, you have 10 days from the receipt of the Order of Suspension/Revocation to request a hearing to show that the APS suspension/revocation is not justified. The DMV will conduct a telephone hearing unless you request an in-person hearing. Dealing with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles is just the first step in getting your life back to normal. Contact our DUI attorneys in Irvine to go over your options when dealing with the DMV.

When it comes to the court proceedings it is best to choose a lawyer who is well versed with DUI case law and a firm that has handled numinous defendants. Our DUI attorneys in Irvine know the court system well and have fought many, many DUI cases in Irvine.  We can represent you from start to finish with all your court appearances.  Our DUI attorneys work with all the criminal courts in Southern California from LA to San Diego. Orange County has plenty of DUI arrested each month and we represent many clients from Irvine and nearby cities. Call our Irvine DUI attorneys for a free one on one consultation in person or over the phone if you wish. Our criminal defense attorneys want to make this situation as easy as possible for you to retain proper legal representation. Our DUI attorney Irvine office will also allow payment plans so you can afford to get the top Orange County legal defense you deserve. Call today and see how easy it can be to get your questions and concerns about a DUI arrest in Irvine.

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