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 Arrested for DUI in Orange CA, and you want to challenge the charge? Are there other circumstances which led to your arrest that you would like to be advised on? Did you know that you have the right to remain silent without the effective representation of an attorney?

 We are a specialist DUI case firm with expert DUI attorneys in Orange CA who will ensure that you get a thorough walk through of your case as well as the applicable laws of Orange County that might affect your case.

 In California, DUI (Driving under the Influence) is a strict liability offense, which means that anyone over 21 years old found driving with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.8% will automatically be arrested despite any pre-existing circumstances. We understand that every case is distinctive and we will ensure that the circumstances leading to your arrest are thoroughly investigated. We believe that people react to alcohol and drugs differently which in many cases may lead to an unfair charge. Let us defend you and investigate those circumstances. Our Orange County lawyers are here to defend you case, call our criminal defense law office today.

Our Orange California DUI attorneys have the best expertise to advice and defend on blood analysis and will even where the situations calls for it have the blood and breathe analysis reanalyzed.

 The Arrest Process

As per Orange County law, you will have been stopped by an officer for questionable driving and the usual document checks coupled with an outward physical analysis pertaining to intoxication. Field sobriety tests may be conducted depending on the suspicions of the officer to check the levels of your mental and physical capacities, e.g. standing on one leg. An arrest will then follow depending on your performance on these tests. And a breath or blood test may follow the arrest to check intoxication levels and criminal proceedings will be initiated against you. Call our attorneys today and we will review you DUI defense options, contact our firm today and learn about us and the knowledgeable staff who work here.

When arrested we advise that you co-operate, do not admit to anything and contact us immediately so that we can initiate the best defense for your case.  You need to be aware that a temporary license in the form of a “notice of suspension” will be handed to you upon arrest.  Should there be a refusal to for the breath or blood tests, a suspension case will be initiated by the DMV. This can be a stressful and tedious process, one which no doubt will require a skilled City of Orange DUI Attorney. We will also contact the Department for Motor Vehicles (DMV) within the mandatory 10 days to challenge your license suspension and to avoid automatic suspension after this period.

 Do note that the Administrative inquiries for DUI arrests made in Orange County are overseen by the Irvine Driver Safety Office who will determine whether there will be a suspension or lack of it for your driving license.

 Our DUI Defense

A lot of people may reason that, because it is their first DUI offense, they will be treated with leniency. Make no mistake about this, the prosecutor will bring you down with the full force of the law and ensure that you either get a criminal charge for this serious offence or a heavy penalty that could leave you out of pocket. Let us be your DUI attorney so that we can work at the intricate details that our experience has covered.

 We have various angles of defending your case. This will include whether there were procedural mistakes or technicalities by the Orange County Enforcement team, like loop holes in the administration of breathalyzers and whether these were done improperly without consent. Such issues tend to negate the accused’s liability and reduce their culpability.

 Defend your record and driving license with surety, call us for an initial consultation immediately.

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