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About Us

Welcome to our website. We are the only DUI defense firm you need contact. Our practice specializes in DUI & DMV Defense. Our team approaches every case as if it were our’s or a loved one’s, because we have a stake invested too. Our associates reputations and pride are on the line here as well with every case and clients we represent. Hiring our firm means you are taking that pride into court with you, and a reputation that precedes us. We are well known in DUI courtrooms, because it is our specialty – and we are unmatched.

We are one of California’s most respected law firms and attorneys in the area of DUI & DMV defense. We are dedicated to our clients and aggressively defend and protect them against an accusation of driving under the influence ~ in the courtroom and when dealing with the DMV.

Our concentration on the defense against DUI and the DMV has earned us a reputation we are proud of, and that reputation will be passed on to you. We refuse to be anything but the best in what we do, and how we do it. When our Attorney’s appear in court, the DA is fully aware of the challenge ahead, because they know DUI defense is all our firm does – and they know how well we do our jobs on behalf of our clients too. When our clients are accused by the Government for driving under the influence, it is our goal and passion to assure that they are given the best representation out there – and that is our Law Firm.

Our Mission & Goals
Our stellar reputation with the Orange County courts, the Orange County prosecutor’s office, the Department of Motor Vehicles and with our future clients all relies on our successes with every case we handle. Our successful case history is outstanding, but our future starts with our zealous defense of you and your case.

Your DMV Case
Ideally you had contacted our office within 10 days of your arrest, this allows us the right to set up an Admin Per Se Hearing to challenge the Department of Motor Vehicles projected suspension of your driving privileges in the State of California. Our firm will contact the DMV on your behalf and acquire any and all information associated with your arrest, and all documentation on what actions the DMV has taken, or plans to take on the State of California’s behalf. In most instances, there is only one hearing with the DMV. We have in almost all of our driving under the influence cases opted to subpoena the arresting officer. We do this so that we will have the opportunity to cross-examine him or her in court. Our questioning may include gathering information on their background, training, experience with being an Officer in the State of California, and maybe more importantly their specific experience in DUI cases – the officer will testify to all of those inquiries, as well as to their specific procedures (or lack thereof) that were adhered to, or not, in your specific case and in general practice. Dependent on the number of witnesses called, there is a possibility of more than one hearing, and it is entirely up to you to attend any of these hearings. Our firm has a reputation, and you are part of that team when we represent you. With that in consideration, it is very important that you dress appropriately and respectfully in any hearing or court case that you are attending.

Your Criminal Case
Your arraignment is your first court appearance. At this hearing the judge will advise you of what charges have been filed against you and will request that a plea be entered on your behalf. From here, your Attorney will start to map your defense, he or she will have many decisions to make with your best interest in mind.The following actions may be taken by your attorney and~or defense team at this time: Considering which court we are dealing with, our team may decide to continue the arraignment, which would allow this office more time to evaluate the charges against you, do deeper investigation into the matter, and to give us more time to analyze the facts and evidence in your case. Whether we continue the arraignment or not, when we enter a plea, we will enter a “not guilty” plea on your behalf. At that time we will request and gather copies of the complaint and police reports pertaining to your arrest – under normal circumstances this is accomplished quickly and copy is sent to you for your review. At the conclusion of your arraignment the judge will decide if the court will impose any conditions upon you while your case is pending. If you are charged with a non-injury, non-lethal BAC DUI that is your first offense, it is unusual in California to have any further conditions put upon you, other than no drinking and driving. If though, this charge is more serious, or you have had a DUI in the past, the judge may set one or all of these conditions at your arraignment: an order for you to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, he may set a higher bail, direct your to participate in a treatment program, and also the option to have an ignition interlock placed on your vehicle.

The next step is to schedule the next court appearance, this is a pretrial conference. At this conference, which happens prior to trial, numerous actions will be taken pertaining to your defense. We will be requesting the evidence against you be provided, the strengths and weakness of the case will be discussed and any negotiations will go on at this time. A schedule of future court dates and appearances will be discussed and set at this conference as well. After the first court appearance we will be requesting discovery from the law enforcement agencies, crime labs and the DA’s office prosecuting the case against you. Discovery is a way for us to gather all evidence against you pertaining to your prosecution. This process does not happen over night, and we have had many months go by before we have received all information and evidence against our client provided. The actual amount of time it takes, and the number of appearances regarding discovery is dependant on which agencies we are dealing with. It is imperative that we obtain all the information we possibly can, so that we can analyze the strength of the case against you and map out an informed defense on your behalf. These pretrial conferences serve us in many ways, beyond discovery, they also allow for us to discuss possible resolutions to your case as well. The number of pretrial conferences can never be predetermined, there are many factors that decide the total times we will be participating in them.

There are motions that we may file what are called “Pretrial Motions”. These are actions that we will take to challenge the DA’s evidence as admissible into your actual trial. This evidence that we challenge may include the blood or breath test taken, the field sobriety results, and any statements or video taping gathered at the time of arrest. These pretrial motions help your case by the potential of having some of the prosecutors evidence thrown out, and in some cases pushing the DA’s office to be more inclined to offer a plea bargain, and has on occasion resulted in the charges being dismissed all together. These scenarios, of course, are all possibilities and we make no guarantees beyond our commitment to fight the best fight for you in every phase of your case.

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